When we make a pour-over, we find that the best results come with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. For example,18g of ground coffee will yield 270g of brewed coffee once the water is added. 

Step 1 - Weigh your coffee (18g per serving) and grind your beans

Step 2 - Boil your water and place your filter. Wet your filter a bit with some of the boiled water for better extraction

Step 3 - Dump those grinds in the filter, and pour in a little bit of water with them to help 'bloom' the coffee (this takes about 3x the weight of your grinds of water to do)

Step 4 -  Wait! for 2 minutes ... ish.

Step 5 - Pour in water until your brewed coffee weighs 270g

That is how you make a pour-over the Boundary Roasting Co. way.

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