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Colombia | De-Calf (Decaf)

Colombia | De-Calf (Decaf)

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Punny, right?!

A medium roast, decaf coffee, grown by a female farmer with tasting notes of caramelized brown sugar, citrus and cookies with a subtle acidity. This coffee packs a lot of body for a decaf! It a very special coffee that we are lucky to have on offer. It will be offered on a limited edition basis. 


Smooth body


A medium roast, decaf coffee with tasting notes of carmelized brown sugar, citrus and cookies.

Acidity & Aftertaste

Mild acidity


Claudia Samboni

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  • Origin:


  • Farm / Washing Station:

    Finca Las Nubes

  • Process:

    Washed, Sugarcane process

  • Bean Varietal: